Rushgreen Bowmen Archery Club



Club Events


We host a number of events throughout the year, both serious and fun shoots, at the club as well as at other locations.


Events will be added throughout the year so please check in from time to time to see what we have on.


So far for 2014 we have the following planned:



Summer Events


We take part in a competitive Summer League, shooting with other archery clubs in our region. Matches are shot at home and away, where we shoot 'Albion' rounds. These matches are for club members only.




In the summer of 2013 we ran a 24 hour shoot, 12,903 arrows were shot by club members, their friends and family, members of the public and the lovely delivery drivers from the takeaway restaurants who kept us fed and watered!


Click here to find out how the 24 hour shoot went this year




We like to be involved in our local community andusually put on Have - A - Go events at:


  • The St Nicholas Church Medieval Fayre, pay a £1 to shoot three arrows (we will be splitting our procedes with the church)


  • Holy Family Primary School Fete



Come along to one of these events and have a go!







We would like to put on a clout shoot, although we need to find a suitable venue (a very, very large field!)




Winter Events


The Christmas Fun Shoot takes place every year and is typically an evening of shooting at homemade novelty targets without the benefit of sights or stabilizers on our bows. Previous years have seen us shoot at chocolate filled piñatas and electronically rotating targets! Club members are invited to get creative and produce a festive challenge to share.